Welcome to KLM Engineering

KLM Engineering is a full service general engineering contractor specializing in all types of drilling and shoring, including sheet pile, beam and plate/lagging, soil nailing and deep excavation.  At KLM Engineering we’ve been providing demolition, grading, and shoring services in Southern California for 25 years. Our services include building and interior demolition, deconstruction, mass excavation, hillside repairs, shoring, import and export.

We offer our clients a complete range of services, from preliminary bid designs, through complete construction drawings and specifications. We begin by designing highly indeterminate, multi-loaded, tied-back soldier pile systems, completing the process by providing the final CAD produced construction drawings.

Our experience and breadth of knowledge enables us to provide clients with unsurpassed technical expertise, effective problem solving, and careful management/efficient use of our clients’ funds and resources. Please look through our website to familiarize you with our company, and our services. Go to our “contact” page to get information to email or call us with any questions.                                                    


Post Date: 11/25/2014 Soil Available  
Address Date Ready C.Y Soil Type
629 6th Street ,Manhattan Beach Now 1050 Brown sand
322 31st Street, Hermosa Beach 12/4/14 410 Beach sand
506 21st Street, Manhattan Beach 12/10/14 620 Beach sand
528 5th Street, Manhattan Beach 12/15/14 2110 Sandy Loam
814 Catalina, Redondo Beach 1/15/15 1300 Sandy Loam
104 The Strand, Manhattan Beach 1/20/15 1700 Sandy Loam
865 Manhattan beach blvd, Manhattan Beach 1/27/15 6850 Sandy Loam